Healthcare Organizations

Making sure all protected health information is safe while helping you maintain compliance.

Your patients trust you to take care of their health, but they also trust you to take care of the confidentiality of their protected health information. Are you doing everything in your power to make sure their protected health information is safe and you’re compliant with HIPAA? If not, we’re here to help.

CTC Networks provides IT services for healthcare organizations – designed to enhance security and make it simpler for you and your staff to focus on what’s important: taking care of your patients. Call (615) 550-0020 or email us at

IT Services for Healthcare Organizations

We know you’re far too busy to worry about information technology. That’s why we handle that for you! Our team of IT professionals knows what they’re doing when it comes to the healthcare industry. We make sure you’re able to:

  • Safeguard all protected health information with comprehensive security, including email encryption, user authentication, anti-virus software, firewalls, and more.
  • Maintain compliance with HIPAA through regular security audits and risk assessments designed to pinpoint vulnerabilities and implement the appropriate safeguards to reduce risk.
  • Feel confident with data backup and disaster recovery wherein you’re assured that all information and applications are backed up onsite and in the cloud for quick recovery.
  • Plan for the adoption of EHR/EMR technology in order to help you qualify for financial rewards from Stage 2 of Meaningful Use while operating in the most efficient manner possible.

Discover why we’re the go-to IT services company for healthcare organizations in Nashville, Franklin and Middle Tennessee. Contact CTC Networks at (615) 550-0020 or send us an email: