IT Consulting Nashville is Our Specialty

We’re an IT company Nashville trusts, with nearly 40 years of experience in information technology solutions that companies of all sizes are turning to in Middle Tennessee. CTC Networks was founded in 1978 to provide specialized IT service designed to fix the widest array of IT issues possible. As a “virtual” business partner, we help enable the growth of companies and organizations of all types through the creation of custom IT networks that ensure compliance regulations and IT best standards and practices are followed. Our managed IT services, offered at a monthly flat-rate fee has department heads and C-suite executives jumping at the chance to save money while avoiding compliance violations and data breaches.

We Speak Your Language

Part of our philosophy is that we be as accessible to our clients as possible. We have a firm “No Geek Speak” policy that helps those who’ve come to value having what amounts to an IT department or vCIO, or virtual Chief Information Officer, ready to answer any problems or concerns 24/7. If you’re a Middle Tennessee business owner and haven’t heard of us, we’re surprised, and want to talk to you! We’ve been the outstanding choice for over 30 years, and our philosophy goes above and beyond industry standards by partnering up with businesses in Nashville, Franklin and surrounding areas to help increase their productivity and profitability due to our attention to critical details and technological applications.

Perfecting IT Innovation

We believe that what has allowed us to thrive is taking the ideas and competitive innovations that have brought us so much growth and success and making them directly reciprocal to our clientele. By sharing our innovative solutions that really work with our clients, everyone is rewarded. Only through constant testing and the improvement of best practices involving IT network creation do we meet or exceed client expectations. CTC is driven by constantly testing and implementing better solutions to IT problems.

An IT Services Recipe for Success

As one of the most trusted names in IT consulting, we are proud to offer Nashville, Franklin and Middle Tennessee IT solutions that include the following:

  • Network security tools such as the latest anti-virus software, more effective firewalls, and better web-content filtering
  • On-demand cloud consulting and 24/7 vigilant cloud service
  • “Anywhere, Anytime” bundled access to your favorite Microsoft programs via Microsoft Office 365
  • Email security and spam filtering that prevent phishing and malware scams
  • Managed IT services for a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee
  • Special Healthcare industry-specific service and compliance-readiness guarantee
  • vCIO services with signature strategic technology plan for prioritized care
  • Comprehensive business continuity and data recovery applications
  • Constant network assessment and testing for maximized security threat detection

Cloud Security and Network Management

We employ finely-tuned cloud computing based on the latest, cutting-edge technology. More and more frequently now, business applications are migrating to “the cloud”. But, security risks call for more and better innovations in cloud security, so that concerned business owners and C-suite execs who have adopted cloud management strategies like ours find that they can relax. We give you and your IT network the right tools to use for your IT configuration, so you don’t end up with any compliance violations, data breaches, or security threats that get past the detection stage.

We’re Your Nashville IT Consulting Specialists

Your IT network security is absolutely necessary to your continuing profitability and productivity. CTC Networks is the leader in providing managed IT services in Nashville, Franklin and Middle Tennessee.  Contact our expert IT staff at (615) 550-0020 or send us an email at, and we will be happy to answer any and all your questions.