About CTC Networks

Focused on exceeding expectations and helping people maximize their technology investments.

CTC Networks was founded in 1978 as Computer Terminal Company by our current president’s father, Jim Marable Sr. At the time, CTC Networks was focused on medical billing software and providing green screen terminals for hospitals. In the early ’90s, our focus shifted to network infrastructure. After establishing a solid client base, we started to offer managed IT services at a flat-rate monthly fee. We’ve been navigating the evolving world of information technology ever since.

Nashville IT Services

CTC Networks helps businesses leverage IT as a business enabler, instead of yet another necessary expense.

Do you see the value of your information technology? If so, we’d likely work well together. We strive to work with those who understand the value of information technology as a business enabler—an investment that will grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We help you achieve a wide range of benefits that allow you to truly maximize your investment:

  • Increased productivity
  • Fast response time
  • No geek speak
  • Greater peace of mind
  • And much more

What do we do differently? That’s simple: We focus on executing all tasks seamlessly to enhance your experience with information technology.

Business IT Solutions

CTC Networks aims to execute all tasks seamlessly to enhance your experience with information technology. How do we do that? Here’s a few examples:

  • We maintain innovative processes and best practices: We are extremely process-driven, and we apply best practices in everything we do to ensure the most successful outcome when working with our clients.
  • We build a win-win relationship with each client we serve: We focus on offering an unsurpassed level of client service that lets you feel confident with our team.
  • We value our employees: We invest in employees who are knowledgeable, trained, and happy, because that equals a better experience for clients. That’s why we foster professional development and have a great time doing what we do.

Contact CTC Networks at (615) 550-0020 or email us at info@ctcnetworks.com to find out more about our IT service organization and what we can do for you.